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IFE Employment Service provides professional placement services to local, regional and national companies. Our highly trained and seasoned professional recruiters and support staff serve hundreds of highly recognized companies, large and small, on an ongoing basis. We are the oldest, most experienced licensed placement service in Indiana, and we offer highly personalized, ‘beyond the call of duty’ service to our clients. 

Job Recruiters Headhunters Administrative Assistant Jobs Lafayette, IN With our focus on understanding the needs and the culture of your company, and our decades of experience in ascertaining the skills and behavior of prospective candidates, we believe we can provide a solution for your permanent employee needs.

As markets and technology have changed, we have changed. What has not changed is our highly personalized, hands-on approach to providing mission-critical employment solutions to companies.

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IFE Employment Service provides referrals for the permanent placement of Management, Accounting, Engineering & Technical, skilled Clerical, and Sales & Marketing professionals. Our highly experienced staff will meet your permanent employment needs with care, enthusiasm, and urgency.

Additional services provided to companies on a gratis basis include: 

  • Private offices for confidential interviewing needs
  • Reference checks of prospective employees 
  • Interviewing and hiring procedure effectiveness studies
  • Assistance in position job description and titling
  • Prevailing wage and benefit analysis 

Why Choose Our Permanent Placement Employment Agency 


ince 1947, we have provided consultative and permanent placement services to national, regional and local companies. As the most experienced permanent placement firm in Indiana, we are a trusted and reliable asset to our clients. We combine the latest technology with old-fashioned hard work and six-plus decades of experience to meet your permanent employment needs.


For Candidates:

Q: How do I find out about your job listings?
A: Most of our available positions can be found on our CareerBuilder.com site.

Q: Do you accept personal referrals?
A: Yes, we receive a great number of personal referrals. Please call our office for further information or to set up an appointment.

Q: Who interviews me, the company I’m looking to work for or LIFE Employment Service?
A: Both. We will interview you. After that, we make an appointment for you to interview with the employer.

For Employers:

Q: Can you help us with difficult to fill positions?
A: Yes, we can. Finding good solutions for hard to fill positions is a major portion of what we do.

Q: Are you available to meet with companies outside of normal business hours?
A: Sure. We are available before or after normal business hours and on weekends, and can meet at your offices or ours. In addition, we have private offices available for your confidential interviewing needs.

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"You are a trusted, ethical extension of my HR reach"

“You are a trusted, ethical extension of my HR reach, provide great follow-up, and represent us well. You care about the people and the process, and take the time to understand needs, both job-specific and culturally. You demonstrate that you enjoy what you are doing, and that is reflected by what your candidates say about you.”

Erik W. Jensen,

Chief Human Capital Officer

Broadwind Energy