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Permanent Professional Placement from our Lafayette, Indiana Employment Agency


ounded in 1947, LIFE Employment Service is Indiana’s oldest and most experienced Permanent Placement Firm. We are licensed by the State of Indiana, and serve local, regional and national companies from the historic LIFE Building on the Courthouse Square, Downtown  Lafayette, Indiana.  

We provide Permanent Professional placement and employment agency consultation services to hundreds of highly recognized companies, both small and large. By sustaining positive, ongoing, intimate relationships with these companies, and through tenacious effort and professional competence we  accomplish successful, cost effective, timely placement of stable, high quality permanent employees.   

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“You are a trusted, ethical extension of my HR reach, provide great follow-up, and represent us well. You care about the people and the process, and take the time to understand needs, both job-specific and culturally. You demonstrate that you enjoy what you are doing, and that is reflected by what your candidates say about you.” 

Erik W. Jensen,
Chief Human Capital Officer
Broadwind Energy

Why Choose Our Placement Firm

Employment Agency Engineering Jobs in Lafyette, IN Since 1947, LIFE Employment Service has been the go-to permanent employment solution for the Greater Lafayette area and beyond. 

Our highly experienced staff will meet your permanent employment needs with care,enthusiasm, and urgency as we provide  unrivaled competence and integrity in our service to employers and applicants alike.

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What We Do

  • Permanent Professional Placement of Management, Accounting, Engineering & Technical, skilled Clerical, and Sales & Marketing professionals  
  • Recruitment and vetting of skilled professionals 
  • Post-interview background and references checks
  • Provide private offices for your confidential interviewing needs (gratis)
  • Comprehensive wage and benefit analysis (gratis)
  • Position description and job titling assistance (gratis)
  • Interviewing and hiring process efficiency guidance (gratis)